All signs are green for quality meat substitutes

The Market

More and more meat lovers are consciously opting for days without meat. No Meat Today Company ensures that its customers have a choice of tasty and responsible meat substitutes. For our customers, we are the reliable partner they know from their cooperation with our parent company, Van Loon Group.


The market:
rapidly increasing demand worldwide

In 2040, the world population is expected to spend 450 billion dollars on meat substitutes. Growth will be particularly rapid in Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia. The growing demand and constantly improving production techniques ensure that the price of meat substitutes will eventually be comparable to that of regular meat.

research by AT Kearney, 2019
* How will cultured meat and meat alternatives disrupt the agricultural and food industry?

The products:
meat substitutes come of age

Due to the rapidly rising demand, product development is going fast. In addition to familiar products such as hamburgers, sausages and nuggets, we will see countless familiar and new variants, made from various raw materials. Taste and texture, local dietary needs and ease of preparation are the drivers of product development.

The target group: huge growth potential among various users

The target group:
huge growth potential among various users

A lot of research is being done into the various target group segments; vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. It is in the latter segment in particular where major growth lies. Recent research* shows that 42% of consumers worldwide avoid certain animal products in their diet, but do not follow a strict vegetarian or vegan diet. The proportion of vegans and vegetarians is still relatively small; 4% and 6.4% respectively.

So it is a growing group worldwide that wants to be conscious of health, the environment and animal welfare. By having this group choose a meatless day just a little more often, the impact will increase enormously.

Research carried out by
* Euromonitor Health and Nutrition, February 2020

Those who know the chain, win

The meat substitute chain includes producers of raw materials, semi-finished products, private label products and premium brand products. In all cases, continuous quality and availability are crucial. As part of Van Loon Group, No Meat Today Company is able to make use of all the combined experience and knowledge in the field of R&D, technology and production. We know the chain, for both traditional and substitute meat products, and are therefore a reliable and trusted partner.

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