The No Meat Today Manifesto

Making meat substitutes irresistible, which makes eating less meat much easier

No Meat Today Company wants to help people in their desire to eat less meat by offering a tasty, affordable, healthy and varied range of meat substitutes. Together, we can make a positive impact on health, climate and animal welfare.

The negative impact of the growing meat consumption on people, animals and the environment needs good alternatives, which is precisely what we are passionate about. That is why we are developing sustainable alternatives with a new company: No Meat Today Company. This is a new part of Van Loon Group; a group of companies where entrepreneurship, chain management, sustainability and customer-specific solutions are central.

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No Meat Today Company proves that meat substitutes can be tasty, affordable and healthy

At No Meat Today Company, we like to prove that food can be tasty, affordable and healthy, so that we can all enjoy it every day. We produce our products with respect for natural resources and with social responsibility. This is how we are helping to improve well-being. Now and for future generations.