The Blue Butcher

The Blue Butcher. The butcher with the tastiest alternative to meat

The Blue Butcher offers a range of innovative meat substitutes based on honest ingredients. They are all recognisable products that consumers use to prepare familiar dishes. The Blue Butcher works together with retailers and food service companies.


The Blue Butcher stands for:

  • Recognisable products
  • Tasty and flavourful with a good bite
  • Almost indistinguishable from meat products
  • Familiar dishes with vegetarian and vegan products
  • Easy to prepare and include in daily eating habits
  • A quality vegetarian and vegan alternative

Brand license

The Blue Butcher is a brand that stands for quality ingredients, easy preparation and delicious taste. For international markets, The Blue Butcher is available as a brand license. The Blue Butcher will be happy to advise you about licensing and partnership opportunities.