Van Loon Group introduces a new company for meat substitutes: No Meat Today Company

In 2019, Van Loon Group introduced The Blue Butcher, its new label for meat substitutes, at the Anuga food fair. The demand for quality meat substitutes has now increased to such an extent that Van Loon Group started a new company, exclusively focused on the production of meat substitutes: No Meat Today Company.


Van Loon Group is a family business that was founded in 1971 and today comprises seven innovative companies. This entrepreneurial group is all about customer focus, long-term vision and the ambition to do better every day. By continuously improving cooperation within the chain, producing more efficiently and more sustainably and devising new products and concepts, Van Loon offers its customers and consumers top quality.

Technology to produce meat substitutes with soy, wheat, dairy, peas, and rice, among others

Van Loon Group has established a company for this purpose, which is entirely focused on the sale, development and production of a wide range of meat substitute products. We use modern technologies to produce products based on varied raw materials such as soy, wheat, dairy, peas and rice. We set the highest standards in terms of taste, texture, colour, appeal, health, sustainability and affordability for all our products.

All the knowledge and experience of Van Loon Group comes together at No Meat Today Company, but now focused on meat substitutes. Thanks to many years of experience in the regular meat market, Van Loon Group knows better than anyone how to make meat substitutes that most resemble meat. Chain management, quality processes and certification guarantee our customers the top products they ask for.

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