Unique raw material for the production of fully-fledged chicken alternatives

FiberFort™ is a basic raw material for various chicken substitutes. Based on a consumer taste test commissioned by No Meat Today in April 2021, the products of FiberFort were judged to be the best overall. These meat substitutes thus meet the needs of the rapidly growing group of flexitarians and (lacto and ovo) vegetarians.

Excellent fibre structure

FiberFort™ is made from a pasteurised dairy product based on Dutch goat’s milk. Various ingredients are added to this to create an excellent fibre structure. The unique production method creates the specific long fibres that give its products the bite of regular meat. This fibre forms a basic raw material that can be further processed into a finished product by adding herbs, spices and, if desired, a coating.


Broad application

FiberFort™ provides a white and neutral base for meat substitutes. Experimenting with taste, colour and shape creates endless possibilities. With FiberFort™, the industry produces top-quality chicken alternatives with a unique flavour, such as nuggets, tenders, wings, schnitzels, fillets and meal components such as cubes and strips. FiberFort™ and the products prepared from it can be frozen without any loss of quality. With this raw material, the industry is meeting the demand of the rapidly growing group of flexitarians and vegetarians for a good alternative to meat. Substitutes for fish, beef and pork products are in development.


  • Fully-fledged alternative to chicken, rich in vitamin B12 and iron
  • Dairy-based; therefore contains all essential amino acids
  • Source of fibre and protein
  • Easily digestible
  • Unique fibre structure with bright white colour
  • Best rated in consumer taste test*

*Source: Normec Sensory product test, April 2021